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Jessica’s German Donner has the honour of welcoming you to its haven of indulgence where you can not only dine in a lovely and lively atmosphere but order your craving online and get it delivered to your home or collect it yourself.

We serve a complete range of mouthwatering dishes from spicy Indian-style Pakoras to stomach-satisfying Fast Foods, homemade loaded Nachos, golden brown Fish and chips, juicy Burgers, succulent German Donner Kebabs, amazing European Dishes, Italian-American-style Hoagies and more.

Our menu also offers a colourful array of sweet decadent desserts and ice-cold drinks, especially jaw-dropping milkshakes. Once you try them, you’ll make a regular customer for our delights.

If you are looking for the best German takeaway in Fleming Way area, simply search for ‘the authentic German Donner near me’ on Google. Our name will appear at the top, that’s for sure.

To ensure customer peace of mind, we use fresh healthy ingredients that are locally sourced.

Have a hunt around for discounts? You’ll get 10% on all online orders. Also, we are now partnered with Mealzo. You can order through its online ordering portal to receive a £3 voucher on orders over £15.

Prefer to order over the phone? Then call us at 01698760070.

We really take pride in your trust.